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Until some time ago, GBL was available only in Building Specialist Stores, whereas now the sale of GBL has shifted to the Internet. Many sites offer GBL in their own way. yunxiang Cleaning seeks the best quality products and a fast service. When buying GBL at yunxiang Cleaning, high quality is guaranteed. GBL is a biodegradable substance and is therefore not very harmful when compared to other chemicals. With only a small amount, rims can be cleaned in a jiffy. It is advisable to wear protective clothing because GBL can irritate the skin. Materials such as rubber and textiles will not get damaged when brought into contact with GBL. Buying GBL at yunxiang Cleaning is the best choice because at yunxiang Cleaning the customer is still king.

Why buy GBL at yunxiang Cleaning?

 Buying GBL at yunxiang Cleaning is the best choice because:

- We always have the best price / quality ratio

- We ensure fast delivery (ordered before 17:00 hrs, shipped on the same day) With PostNL, Track and Trace

- We provide secure payment transactions

- We carefully handle your personal data and will never pass it on to a third party without court order

- We are always available to answer your questions, either by email or by phone

- We have new promotions or discounts monthly

- We customise our range of products to the customer’s needs


Our wheel cleaner has a very high purity what makes the cleaning easier. Our gbl is suitable for more purposes. With us you always buy gbl of the highest quality, processed in a sterile environment with care. This makes it possible for us to sell gbl that other vendors do not have.

We use environmentally friendly packaging in brown or white boxes without imprint. Also contain our gbl 1Liter bottles a cap with child protection. This way your wheel cleaner is safer to keep at home from the other cleaning products.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

where to get gbl


Why order GBL from yunxiang Cleaning?

At yunxiang Cleaning, it’s easy to order GBL. We offer pure GBL at the lowest price. If you want to order GBL or one of our other products, you can simply place an order on the website. If this order is made before 17.00 hrs, the ordered product will delivered by PostNL the next day at the indicated address. For each processed order, we will send a Track & Trace code via email so you can check the status of your parcel at the site of Postnl. In this way, you stay informed about the progress.

Benefits for business customers when ordering GBL

Ordering GBL is very beneficial for business customers because we use digital invoicing. This saves companies a lot of paperwork and office hours. We also offer business customers the possibility of a customised quote. A business customer may at any time request a quote for an order exceeding the quantities indicated on the website. We apply tailored quantity discounts. If you are interested in a quotation, please feel free to contact us.

We still consider the customer to be king

We still consider the customer to be king. If you have questions or suggestions about ordering GBL or any other items, we will be all ears. We are constantly optimising our website to keep it as easy as possible for you to navigate. We also continue to expand our range regularly. Current promotions or discounts can be found on the homepage. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter. You can do so by clicking in the right bottom corner of the homepage. In this way, we can keep you informed about any updates and the latest promotions. The newsletter will be sent on a regular basis via email.

What Is 1,4 - butyrolactone?

1,4 - butyrolactone basics

[Name] butyrolactone; GBL, γ-BLO.
CAS: 96-48-0
EINECS: 202-509-5
InChI: InChI = 1/C4H6O2/c5-4-2-1-3-6-4/h1-3H2
Molecular formula ]
MF : C4H6O2
Molecular Structure: carbonyl group C, O atoms are sp2 hybrid orbitals to form σ bond . Other C, O atoms are sp3 hybrid orbitals to form σ bond .
[ Relative molecular weight] 86.09
[Density] relative density of 1.1253 (25/4 ℃)
Melting point (℃) ] -43.53
Boiling Point (℃) 204 ]
[ ] 1.4348 refractive index 15 ℃
Community dielectric constant (20 ℃) ​​39
Dipole moment (25 ℃ benzene ) : 13.74
Critical temperature : 436 ℃
Critical pressure : 3.4 mPa.
Viscosity : 1.7 mPa.s 25 degrees C.
Tension : 52.3 mN / m 25 ° C..
Flash Point : 98.3 ( open cup ) .
Heat of vaporization (204 ℃) (kj / mol): 52.3
Colorless, oily liquid with ketone odor. Goods ph of about 4.5.
Chemical nature: neutral medium stable, easy to produce reversible hot alkaline hydrolysis , ph time and return to the neutral lactone . Slow hydrolysis in an acidic medium .
Miscible with water , soluble in methanol, ethanol, ethyl ether , acetone , benzene, carbon tetrachloride.
Caution : For flammable liquids, avoid direct contact with an ignition source.
Toxicity: low toxicity . The oral LD50 = 345 mg / kg. Irritating to the skin .

gamma-butyrolactone wheel cleaner
English name gamma-Nonanolactone

Alias ​​4-Hydroxynonanoic acid gamma-lactone

Product Name alphs-amyl-gama-butyrolactone; propylene Nonalactone; coconut aldehyde

Butyrolactone is a good performance, solubility, good electrical properties, high stability, non-toxic, safe and high-boiling solvents, in the field of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and so has a wide range of applications


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GBL (gamma-Butyrolactone)
99.9% GBL 500 ML            $ 140.00
99.9% GBL 1   Liter            $ 170.00
99.9% GBL 2   Liter              $ 270.00
99.9% GBL 3   Liter              $ 370.00
99.9% GBL 5   Liter              $ 520.00
99.9% GBL 10 Liter             $ 800.00
99.9% GBL 15 Liter             $ 895.00
99.9% GBL 20 Liter             $ 965.00
99.9% GBL 30 Liter             $ 1075.00
99.9% GBL 50 Liter             $ 1557.00
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